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About Me

If you found your way here, it may be because you’re looking to know more about me, or maybe it’s just by accident.  My name is Frank, or Lars, there are some who call me…. Hank or Frakki Geitskegg P├ętrsson.

I am an Ohio State graduate, in the field of Education, Comp & Lit.  Professionally I do Education, Training, Customer Service, WordPress Design, Marketing, Sales and Support.

Some of my completed bucket list items include:

  • Bull Riding (that’s not me, we didn’t have smart phones back then)
  • Writing & Composing 2 Studio Albums that received a decent amount of radio play in the day! Look for me personally on reverbnation.com as Frank Petersen.
  • Although it is being resubmitted (Distrokid) and may take a bit to appear, my original 1992 music is on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Apple under Frank Petersen or the band Jus’ Teasin with my good friend Jim Backston.
  • Singing on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium (‘Grand Ole Opry’)
  • Performing at the Newport Music Hall to few thousand “fans”.

A few of my ‘for fun’ current activities include:

I am or was part of the following groups:

  • Member of Sigma Pi Fraternity, Gamma Chapter, OSU
  • Member of Certified Horsemanship Association (cha.horse)
  • Member of Society for Creative Anachronism (sca.org)
  • Member of ASCAP (IPI: 347024676)
    (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
  • Previous member of MCFHC (Mercer Co Facial Hair Club)
  • Previous member of the Freemasons & Scottish Rite
    (As was my grandfather and his father before him)

Contact Information

If you’re looking to get a hold of me, I suggest doing so online at any of my social profiles:

  • Facebook @grungyape
  • Instagram @grungyape
  • Twitter @grungyape
  • Email

A Handful of Websites I’ve Designed and/or Maintain

(Please note, not all websites remain on this design nor are currently maintained)